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Advantages of coconut shell activated carbon
  • DATA:2020-05-07

Coconut shell based activated carbon is a widely used and effective purification material. It uses coconut shell as raw material and is refined by a high-temperature rotary activation furnace. It has the advantages of being easy to regenerate, economical and durable. Its water purification effect is different from common activated carbon, and has attracted the attention and recognition of many users in the market.
Advantages of coconut shell activated carbon
Common activated carbon is made of shell, wood chips, etc.-shell activated carbon or coal-based activated carbon. The shell is refined by carbonization, activation, and superheated steam catalysis. Appearance is black, irregular particles with good abrasion resistance. It also has the advantages of developed pore structure, high adsorption performance, high strength, ease of regeneration, economical and durable.
Coal-based activated carbon is developed through a series of processes such as carbonization, cooling, activation and washing. The general appearance is black irregular granular and pelletized. It has a porous structure, good adsorption performance, high mechanical strength, easy to recycle repeatedly, and low cost.
Advantages of coconut shell activated carbon
Difference in application:
Coconut shell activated carbon is mainly used in domestic, industrial, liquid adsorption, water purification, gas phase adsorption, especially suitable for power plants, petrochemicals, refineries, printing and dyeing textiles, food and beverage, water for medical use, de-ionized water in semiconductor, drinking water, industrial recycled water and other industries.
Fruit shell activated carbon is mainly used for drinking water, purified water, wine, beverage, industrial sewage purification, de-colorization, de-chlorination, deodorization, desiccant and catalyst carrier.     
Advantages of coconut shell activated carbon
Coal-based activated carbon is mainly used for the purification of toxic gases, treatment of exhaust gases, purification of industrial and domestic water and recovery of solvents.